“Caligula” by #IKEBoy Corey Drumz (Official Music Video)

image Sound off below in the comments section and let us know what you think about this video, its message and this issue as a whole. #IKEBoy Corey Drumz makes a prolific statement with his track and official music video “Caligula”, comparing the current state of the hip-hop music business to the tyrannic Roman Emperor of the same name for its apparent promotion of emasculation, deviant sex acts and widespread drug use being forced upon a society of impressionable youths as a fad and way to get ahead in the business. The Hollis Queens mc goes no-holds-barred on this track, taking shots at many of today’s top rap artists calling them “loose booty dudes” who have become overly popularized for practicing “fruity maneuvers.” The video begins with disclaimer (over the backdrop of a man wearing a leather skirt walking thru Washington Square Park in NYC) stating that the song is not a stab at the entire gay community but is instead a statement to those in power who are irresponsibly forcing and marketing a gay lifestyle and lude sex practices onto a generation of young men and women who are unknowingly being manipulated by its messages of “androgyny” and perversion. A father of 3 sons and 1 daughter, Corey Drumz is a proud heterosexual male who is outraged by the message and images currently being promoted to the youth and feels the members of the gay community should be as well because their lifestyle is being falsely portrayed giving them a bad name and reputation. Yes, homosexuals and homosexuality should be accepted in society but at what cost? Are we supposed to build that acceptance by sacrificing morality and forcing it upon our children who have not even lived life long enough to know what sexuality or their sexual preference even is yet? Watch the official music video from #IKEBoy Corey Drumz “Caligula” filmed & directed by Tommy Cannonville. Track produced by Scottzilla below and let us know what your thoughts are on this issue.

Click here to Download the official “Caligula” single exclusively on Bandcamp.com. Posted by TheBanksBrand


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