“Can’t Crucify Me” by Corey Drumz (Audio)


#IKEBoy Corey Drumz releases the single “Can’t  Crucify Me” over a heavily church fueled Cardiak Flatline track and attacks the industry hypocrisy and blasphemers for ignoring and shutting out the true greats of the hip-hop game. At the same time he pays homage to his parents who introduced him to music and the other pioneers and veteran warriors of music who paved the way but aren’t receiving their just recognition in the current era.

On the songs chorus, Corey proclaims emphatically

I mastered the ways of all those trying to ignore me / Exposing the ways of the wicked trying to ignore me / The powers that be constantly trying to deny me / But ain’t nobody crossing me out, Can’t  Crucify Me

taking on the role of the martre and speaking out against the injustices of the established music industry.

Stream “Can’t Crucify Me” by #IKEBoy Corey Drumz below.

Click HERE to download “Can’t  Crucify Me” by Corey Drumz exclusively at The Banks Brand Music Store.

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