“Fresh Dressed” by Corey Drumz feat. Nanno (Official Music Video)


The duo of #IKEBoy Corey Drumz and Nanno who are members of the group IKE, style it up on their collaborative track “Fresh Dressed” produced by former Skull Gang producer Dirt Red, who personally created this track specifically for the 2 mc’s. The video was directed by indie director Don P from Lefrak City Queens and features the tandem of Drumz and Nanno flipping fashionable lyrical fire and rugged flows over a super grimy street gritty track with a Slick Rick vocal sample on the hook repeating the phrase “Fresh Dressed, Fresh Fresh Dressed.”

The video starts with Drumz & Nanno entering a car wash in Brentwood L.I. to get Drumz’ black Ford Excursion truck fresh and clean before they take a trip to a local clothing and jewelry store to cop some new wears surrounded by a few local ladies admiring their fresh dressed style. Then the 2 mc’s wind up in their home town of Queens NY, with Corey completing his verse in Hollis and Nanno performing his in Lefrak City. The visuals for the video are simple yet effective, focusing on the 2 mc’s as they spit lyrical venom about staying freshly dressed while both representing their respective hoods.

The first verse starts off strong with Corey Drumz spitting the lyrics

“Stepped out the truck, left ear the shine blindin/Always funky fresh cuz Drumz I stays grindin/Pressure don’t do nothin to coal but turn diamond/Dean Martin, y’all niggas owe like Frank Lymon.”

The second verse has Nanno finishing up the song just as strong as it starts, spitting an updated Slick Rick flow, respectfully borrowed from the classic “La-Di-Da-Di.”

Watch the official music video “Fresh Dressed” by #IKEBoy Corey Drumz featuring Nanno directed by Don P. Track produced by Dirt Red.

Stream & Download the track “Fresh Dressed” as well as others from the “It’s IKE B*tch!!!” mixtape available exclusively in The Banks Brand Music Store.

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