“The Lost Total Pack Tape 1.o (Parkhouse Music 1995-1998 Extended Edition)” by CeStyle Full Album Stream & Download


Were you a fan of Stretch Armstrong & Bobitto Show on 89.9FM WKCR or Wildman Steve’s Hip-Hop Spot on 90.3FM WBAU during the 90’s and wondered what ever wonder what ever happened to the legendary NY underground hip-hop group “Total Pack” from Hollis Queens that used to rip the airwaves frequently during the ever popular weekly freestyle sessions? Wonder no more.

Check out “The Lost Total Pack Tape 1.0” produced and released by the group’s founding member CeStyle who is now known as Corey Drumz, featuring previously unreleased tracks by Total Pack & The Korp Dynasty, recorded between the years of 1995-1998. Now you can add to your collection, classic hip-hop music from one of the 90’s most popular and sought after underground crews who influenced many of your favorite artists of the time.

Stream & Download full CD below.

Click here to download “The Lost Total Pack Tape 1.0” now available exclusively in The Banks Brand Music Store.


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