“I Told You” by Corey Drumz (Audio)


As the head of the IKE movement, #IKEBoy Corey Drumz has remained the most brutally honest member of the crew never afraid to speak his mind and express his opinion regardless of who’s feelings might get hurt. This trait is exactly what makes Corey Drumz stand out in the crowd of top mc’s in the game and also what has held him back in the industry. The powers that be in this business don’t like an artist that isn’t afraid of speaking their mind and possibly exposing the secrets of the inner circle, shedding light on what’s been hidden from public view behind closed doors.

Corey who has the most experience in the crew and being the only one who was actually signed to both major labels as well as independent, has been the mentor to the other members of IKE and the one that has true information that he could easily reveal and has been seen as a threat to the infrastructures status quo since the 90’s. Drumz feels it’s his duty to inform other artists of the manipulative ways of the music industry and teach them how to protect themselves and their intellectual property even at the expense of sacrificing his own success in the industry becoming a martre or the one that has all of the necessary tools and abilities that should have but never made it.

The song “I Told You” by Corey Drumz which was produced by Norwegian producer Jayem, is a classic in your face, matter of factly hip-hop track with Drumz simply airing out anybody he feels like airing out, boasting his legend and lyrical prowess from past to the present.

“I Told You” is the lead track on the Let Drumz Make U Famous cd, setting up the rest of the cd and preparing the listeners for an unforgettable ride thru the regions of hip-hop that many may only have vague memories of and even more have never even witnessed.

Stream/Download “I Told You” by Corey Drumz below and enjoy the return to the aggressive lyrical style of hip-hop that used to dominate the airwaves during the years before this current wave of everybody sounds the same rap era.

Click HERE to download “I Told You” by Corey Drumz

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