“Come Here” by Corey Drumz feat. Nanno (Audio)


“Come Here” by #IKEBoy Corey Drumz & Nanno is another example of the 2 members of the IKE camp pushing their normal envelope to create unique brand of soul/r&b hip-hop that stands in a category of its own.

Produced by Flawless Tracks out of Washington D.C., for whom Corey Drumz’ voice provides the official vocal tag on all of their pre-sold tracks and are the production team responsible for more than half of the tracks on all of Wale’s albums, Come Here’s beat started out as a funky experiment where the producers were just starting to dabble with their new production style of using go-go drum rhythms and instrumentation to represent the musical culture of D.C.

What Corey Drumz and Nanno add to the track vocally and lyrically adds to its originality with Corey, normally known for dropping rugged no holds barred rhymes, singing in a soulful baritone voice with sexually oriented lyrics and Nanno following right behind him on each verse with raps that reiterate and compliment what Corey had just finished saying providing a seamless natural transition between singing and rapping which has yet to be accomplished by any other artists that I know of.

Drumz and Nanno first performed this record in 2009 at Dj Envy’s “Heart Of The City Showcase” and walked away as the first place winners by astonishing the crowd and the judges with something none of them expected to see or hear that was a breath of fresh air and a welcome escape from the norm.

Together Corey Drumz and Nanno prove that they are very diverse songwriters and performers, who are far from one dimensional and can comfortably cross between genres building and occupying a space all their own that music lovers will definitely gravitate to.

Stream/Download “Come Here” by #IKEBoy Corey Drumz & Nanno below and leave a comment letting us know what you think.

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