Why The Black Mans Pain Is The Black Mans Blame


Throughout the years, the Black race has suffered many injustices always blaming our plight on someone else. Although many outside of our race have contributed to our struggles, seems we never take responsibility ourselves and do something about it to change our own situation instead of expecting others to do it for us. What’s sad is that were the only race of people that still don’t get it.

Every other race works together to build social, financial and political foundations which is what empowers them as a people. After all the “We Shall Overcome” marches and rallies of the civil rights movement and sacrifices made by many of our revolutionists who have lost their lives in pursuit of change, we still just refuse to understand that we’re still in the position we’re in because we put ourselves there byvnot supporting each other and really aren’t doing anything to get ourselves out of it. We’re still complaining about what others are doing or what they have instead of unifying our own efforts to build strong foundations for our own people.

So my thing is let’s stop focusing on why others hate us. Let’s start focusing on creating a unified system of economics, social and political cooperation where we stop hating ourselves and not just saying it, but actually doing it and encouraging others to follow suit. Its not a Black man/White man thing anymore. Its a “who has” and “who doesn’t” thing and as a people no matter how much “stuff” certain individuals may have, it means nothing because it doesn’t represent prosperity for our people as a whole.

True change must start from within, right at home rebuilding and enriching our own communities not expecting it to come from outside sources as a reward. So many have made it “out of the hood” but how many have put back into and helped rebuild those hoods they made it out of? We as a people have to recognize our own fears of change and that fear is not of anything outside of ourselves but of shedding that false sense of security we have all been taught became so comfortable with and look outside for instead of facing the truth of what we should be finding from within. Yes, we did go through 400 years of slavery but how did that fact come to be in the first place? I mean people always try to use Africa and being African as the core of our salvation but them niggers over there (and I use niggers in a literal sense) have been commuting genocide on their own people in ways far worse than anything we’ve done or even witnessed here in America. They’ve been over there wiping out whole tribes just because. And how to you think the Portuguese got African slaves in the first place other than trading for them with the Arabs? From “niggers” that gave them to them. We all saw Roots. It was Africans guiding the White man thru the jungle trapping other Africans and sending them off to slavery, so no we can’t keep blaming the Caucasians for our predicament, we have to look in the mirror and admit that nobody’s doing anything to us, it’s us allowing it to be done and doing it to ourselves.

The only way we’re going to start experiencing any meaningful change to the Black Struggle is for us to start implementing that change ourselves and stop blaming everyone else for our condition. Let’s start representing for and showing support of our people and others will have to respect us because we’ll have empowered ourselves as a unified community of people instead of seeing us as a people that can be easily manipulated and separated and turned against one another giving them all the ammunition they need to continue to defeat us mentally and physically.

It’s time for us to finally stand together side by side regardless of our individual economic, religious and geographical differences. Yes, we can overcome but it’s the “we” that has to do it. If we can’t stand together, how can we expect others to stand for us.

Happy Black History my people.

Editorial written by Corey “Drumz” Banks Posted by TheBanksBrand


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