Black History: My Cousin Jason Pulliam Appointed First African American Appellate Court Justice


History has hit right at home for my family with my first cousin Judge Jason Pulliam recently being appointed as the 1st African American Appellate Court Justice.

Jason, a 43-yrs-old former Marine, has served the past 4 years as a County Court Judge in San Antonio was recently appointed as Justice on the 4th Court of Appeals by Texas Governor Rick Perry and was sworn in this past Friday, February 20th 2015.


Growing up in Flatbush Brooklyn, Jason always aspired for greatness. As kids he, his brother Charles and myself were very close and always talked about the great things we wanted to accomplish when we got older. Since then Jason has stayed focused on his goals and never let anything deter him from them.

I can remember sitting in my kitchen in Houston Texas with Jason when he had just finished Law School and was preparing for the Bar Exam, he let me know then that it was only the beginning of his journey and he had planned to accomplish much more. With the moral and spiritual support of his mother Katherine, his father Charles Pulliam II (who is my mothers brother), his brother Charles Pulliam III, myself, all of our cousins and the rest if our family members, Jason has done nothing but continue to achieve greatness and I know my cousin, he’s still not done.

When I spoke to him after he found out about his appointment, he told me he was extremely humbled by it and was still in awe because it came totally unexpectedly but is prepared to take on his duties as Appellate Court Justice just as he had done with everything else that got him to this point.

All I can say is I and my entire family are extremely proud of what Jason has accomplished, not only for himself but for our family as a whole both young and old because for the young, he is living proof that we can accomplish all of the great things that we set forth to do as long as we put in the hard work that comes with it and stay on course never giving up and for the old, he is a shining example of the reward that comes from all of the struggles that they endured to give us all a better life and opportunity for a productive future.

– Written by Corey “Drumz” Banks

Posted by TheBanksBrand


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