Why Should I Care?? A Message To The So-called “Ballers”


Why should I care about your jewelry and how much it costs. Why should I care about your cars and how much you paid for them. Why should I care about your mansion that you only live in less than 2 months out of the year that’s too big for you to even enjoy it all or how much it costs you to pay for the staff and its upkeep. Why should I care how many gold digging women you’ve been with that are only around you because you’re a trick in ballers clothing. Why should I care how much your shoes cost, your $500 jeans, shirts, or any of the over priced material “stuff” you brag about?

What I do care about is are you spending any of that money on helping your people and community? Are you paying for affordable housing to be built for the poor and disenfranchised? Are you donating funds to schools in low income communities that need to be upgraded so our children can receive adequate educations to compete fairly and equally in the world with others once they reach adulthood? Are you using your influence and celebrity to create neighborhood initiatives such as community outreach centers, after school & mentoring programs, extracurricular activities such as team sports, music and art centers , etc.? Have you banded together with others of influence and high finance to create a banking system that will benefit your people helping them create and maintain businesses within their communities that will provide jobs for the people in those communities?

Tell me, what have you done for anyone other than yourself and your self-absorbed ego? What have you done that sets a real example to others that can help make them better people? What have you done besides brag and boast about the money you frivolously waste on paying for a bunch shit that you don’t need?

Why should I care about you?

-Written by Corey “Drumz” Banks
Posted by TheBanksBrand


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