#IKEBoy Corey Drumz Interviews His Alter Ego CeStyle On The #HoffaAtchaIKEBoy Radio Show (Podcast)


Before becoming Corey Drumz, the founder of #IKEBoy Music and The Banks Brand was known as the underground hip-hop artist CeStyle from the legendary 90’s group Total Pack. As CeStyle, Corey built a cult following of loyal fans across the globe and has had many ups and downs in the music industry leaving many to wonder what happened to him and why his career never developed into the promise that it should have.

In this one of a kind interview, Corey Drumz interviews himself as CeStyle and explains to the fans, once and for all, exactly what happened to him during his career and why he changed his name.

Listen to the full podcast of this historical #HoffaAtchaIKEBoy Radio Show episode featuring CeStyle below and hear in his own words the history behind this legendary hip-hop artist.

Download “The Lost Total Pack Tape 1.0: Parkhouse Music (1995-1997)

Posted by The Banks Brand™


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