What Happened To NY Hip-Hop??


What happened to NY Hip-Hop?

In this day and age where hip-hop music has become a global strong arm, what happened to the style of it that came from its place of origin, NY? There are hip-hop and rap artists coming from everywhere right now and the south seems to have a strong presence with just about every record played on the radio and gaining the promotion to the masses being by an artist that’s either from there or at least sounds like they’re from there and this includes the mecca of hip-hop, NY.

These days you basically can’t tell the difference between a NY artist and a South artist because NY artists do not sound like they are from NY. At one time NY had an identity and style of its own when it came to hip-hop music but that identity is non-existent now with most of the new hip-hop artists from the region not sounding anything like NY. Their language, cadence, delivery, beats, all are copycats of other regions sounds, specifically the south. This has caused NY hip-hop to lose its identity and marketability creating a huge void in the culture.

NY radio stations don’t really play hip-hop music that embodies the soul and sound of their city and as a result, record companies are encouraging new artists to not sound like NY feeling authentic NY hip-hop isn’t marketable even in NY.

Now if you were to ask someone from Germany, France, Britain, Japan or another international area if NY hip-hop is still a hot commodity, they would give you a resounding YES to that question but would also ask “what happened to it.” Their only source of the style of hip-hop they love and have continued to support is from artists from the 80’s & 90’s who are still touring across seas but as for anything new, there basically is none. Everybody coming out of NY these days sounds like they are from Atlanta or the mid-west or anywhere but NY.

There are still hip-hop artists from NY putting out authentic NY hip-hop music but they don’t get the push from the industry that allows them to reach the fans that want it. There’s enough room for all the different styles of hip-hop to be promoted but the authentic NY style is being bastardized and left out forcing NY artists to sound like they are from somewhere else in order to be heard. This has to stop. NY hip-hop artist need to stick with who they are and stop conforming to everything else. That’s not who we are. We’re  NY so we need to sound like it. Others aren’t abandoning their identities so why are we? NY stand the eff up and start sounding like yourself again and support each other like every other region besides us does. That’s why you lost the respect you had in the hip-hop game, not any other reason.

Written by Corey “Drumz” Banks

Do you support authentic NY style hip-hop? If so click HERE.

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