Water Emergency: The Great Southern California Dry Up


2015 marks the worst drought in the history of Southern California. The region has been plagued with drought conditions for some time now but just recently the governor has issued a severe water emergency.

The Southern California reservoir levels are so low that it is estimated there is only enough water to last the region 1 more year with only ground water reserves that are non-replenishable. The problem is so bad that many residents in the Central Valley are already without running water in their homes. With the lack of rain, mountainous snowfall and a high population, the situation will only get worse not better placing this region of California in dire straights.

What I don’t understand is since this drought has been in effect for so long, why is it just recently that the governor issued the severe water emergency. The state can fly in iceburgs or pipe in water from somewhere to compensate the lack of water but seems to just sit back and wait for disaster to strike before taking action but by then it’s too late.

What’s a region the size of Southern California going to do with no water? How are its people going to survive? This isn’t an issue that effects any single class of people, it effects everyone that resides in the area and calls it home.

– Written by Corey “Drumz” Banks


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