God Has No Religion So Why Does Man??


When I was growing up, the one thing my mother taught me about religions was that they were all lieing but could all be telling the truth if you took the information from them all and combined them into one source or book eliminating each ones seperatist identity, just focusing on them as chapters of the same story written by the same author. God never said he/she was Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other so-called religious order. In fact if I remember correctly, God is quoted as telling Moses “I Am and that is All.” My mother taught me to look beyond the boundaries of religions separations, just focusing on all of their commonalities and belief in God or a higher power than ourselves.

How can each one of these organized religions claim that “their God” is supposedly all merciful and full of peace and love but at the same time condone them slaughtering others for having a slightly different belief system than their own? What gives man the right to dictate and judge, supposedly on Gods behalf, how everyone else percieves and honors God? Again, didn’t God say “I Am and that is All” not “I am one specific thing and anything outside of that must convert or die.” Religion in itself, which is a man made ideology, created that mind set, not God.

If you look at most of these religions, they ignore, pervert and twist the meanings of their own spiritual doctrines in order to manipulate and control the lives and free will of the people and not in hopes of the love of God but out of fear of him. Nobody seems to recognize the problem and hypocrisy of this ideology.

I know I’m going to take a lot of flack for this but let’s look at the Christian Bible for instance, just as an example. Who is described as killing more people or caused more people to be killed in it, God or the Devil? In what part did Yoshua (Jesus) claim he was the only son of God and not the Son of Man? Why aren’t all of the teachings and writings of all of his deciples not included in the official Canan? Why isn’t the life and importance of his mother Mary, who was also reportedly born of an immaculate conception, not seen as important facts to include in the story of Yashua? Why would an all merciful, all loving God have Abraham take his son into the mountain as a sacrifice to prove his love of God? I mean these are just a few examples of things religion uses as its doctrine and law that contradict the “God is love” concept and these kinds of contradictions happen in all religions not just Christianity. I mean the concept and premis of Islam is one of peace and the love of Allah, but you have many factions willing to kill others who they can’t force to convert, including other Muslims, and all religions portray the role of woman as second class lower citizens of little or no importance.

Not all religious groups are negative and purposely manipulative so my reason for posting this is not to demonize anyones belief but to get people to look deeper than their so-called religions false exclusivity with God and truly see God as an all inclusive God so we can stop all of these radical bastards all over the world from using his name or various names to justify their evil acts and ways in the name of religion. God has no religion so neither do I.

God bless you all.

-Written by Corey “Drumz” Banks


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