Why Don’t Black Lives Matter Enough For Us To Stop Killing Each Other??!!

The term “Black Lives Matter” has become a popular battle cry against social injustice and police brutality in and towards the black community but seems to only be the focus when its non-blacks killing blacks. The reality is that the black community kills more of its own than others killing us. So why don’t black lives matter enough for our people to put an end to that?
Yes we have been and continue to be victimized and targeted by others but that doesn’t change the fact that we have targeted ourselves and are eliminating each other at an enormous rate. The most killings of black people in the black community are perpetrated by black people. We don’t care about and protect our own but expect other to. We’re our own worst enemy.

As soon as we see or hear news about a cop killing a black person or somebody white killing a black person, we jump into arms shouting Black Lives Matter. Gang members, civil leaders, politicians and regular citizens alike, all protest and campaign for justice and an end to the racially fueled slayings. While all good, where are the cries for Black Lives Matter when we kill each other? Where are the protests then? Where are the activists, polititians, gang members and marches then? They are nowhere to be found. Why is that?


Being from Queens NY and now living in Los Angeles, I have seen and experienced my share of black on black crime and violence brought on for the stupidest reasons and it sickens me that our people are so hippocritical that our lives only matter when it’s somebody else doing it to us but not when we do it to each other. For example, during the summer in Los Angeles, gang members have a thing they call “100 days, 100 nights”, where they consciously go out with the intentions to kill as many people as they can during that time period. Now this means they are going out and seeking victims in their own communities who’s only difference is the color of their bandana and most of the time the person or people who become victims are innocent bystanders. But those same gang members will be the first to start bitching about police brutality and how the police are targeting and killing or locking us up. Now explain to me how that makes sense?

Now I love my people and I feel not only do our lives matter but every life matters, but in the case of us, we have to start realizing that our lives need to matter to us before anybody else will even take us seriously enough for our lives to matter to them too. We need to take the same attitude towards our own killing each other that we do when somebody else is doing it. Until then the powerful term and ideology that “Black Lives Matter” will only be cosmetic and meaningless lip service that society will never take seriously.

Wake up Black people! Our lives need to matter to us before they matter to anyone else. I ask you, do they or are we just continuing the genocide that we claim is being perpetrated upon us by others?

Peace my people. I love you.

Written by Corey L. Banks


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