What A Donald Trump America Would Be For All People Of Color

There was alot said or better yet not said in these 2016 Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton but one thing that was said in the 3rd debate really stood out to me. It’s something he’s been saying during his entire campaign but in the last debate Donald Trump’s intention was clearer than it ever was if you really listened.

I dont know if y’all payed attention to this but Trump said he would appoint supreme court justices that would interpret the constitution the way this country’s founders intended it. Guess what?? The constitution was written with the intent to empower white men, keep women as second class and black people as slaves to not be recognized as men with no rights or freedoms. If yall dont see that clearly then I dont know wtf to say to yall. 

NO Hillary isn’t the ideal candidate but Trump definitely isn’t the one we should be putting in the White House cuz if he gets there we as melanated people with will be fucked seriously. The man is a damn racist that wants to take this country back to the White Power era it started with. Pay attention to whats going on people. This is the most important election we’ve ever had. You dont have to like Hillary but if Trump wins then we lose alot more than just a few amendments. We lose it all and it will be back to the cotton & tobacco fields our ancestors died to escape from.

Posted by Mr. Corey L Banks Sr


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