The United States Corporation Of America

The United States of America is not a country but its in fact a Corporation or conglomerate of corporarions that has been operating under the guise of a free Democratic country. 

Lower, middle and upper management or as we call the levels of government (local, State, federal) with the President/CEO presiding over the daily operations of the company or as we call it the country while he answers to the board of directors aka the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dupont, Harriman and Warburg families aka the Illuminati, who move in secret behind the scenes and are the private owners of the conglomerate aka U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and central banking systems of just about every country. This Board of Directors has decided to place Donald Trump into position with the Electoral College being their validation for it. 

We The People have been bamboozled. Anyone that doubt the fact that we live in a COMPANY and not a country need to check their Birth Cirtificate Stock Number on the U.S. Stock Exchange and you will see that we the citizens (All of us) of this COMPANY are Products/Commodities that are being traded as equity in a huge Ponzy Scheme thats been going on for many many years (look up Strawman Account)

All these racial, social, class divides and conflicts that we continue to be subjected to all over the world are all just ways blind us and have us fighting amongst and blaming each other while they perpetuate these racial injustices and economic issues in order to divert our attentions from the truth that WE ARE BEING USED by those behind the curtain. We are not the stock holders in this company like we’ve been told. We are the stock this company owns and uses to keep the Board on control of the world. 

It’s time for We The People to form a more perfect Union and strike against the tyrant of the Board of Directors no longer allowing them to turn us on each other (racially, spiritually, economically or otherwise) showing them that the jig is up and WE are taking control of US away from THEM. 

My country this of thee…. 

Posted by Corey L Banks Sr


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