Mr. CLB, real mame Corey L. Banks Sr., originally from Hollis Queens, NY now residing in Los Angeles, CA, is the founder & CEO of The Banks Brand Music™. He is the youngest son of the late Kent Records/RCA, Northern Soul singer/songwriters Larry Banks & Jaibi.

During the 90’s Corey was well known throughout the NY hip-hop community, recording under the name CeStyle and was the founder of the legendary NY underground groups/crews Total Pack and Korp Dynasty. As CeStyle, Corey was signed to Columbia Records (1992) after building a reputation and core following from his frequent f Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang, Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles, Das EFX, O.C., Pharside, The Roots, Busta Rhymes and others, many of which were fans of his talents as a lyricist, powerful mic presence and beat making skills, was featured in Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype in 1991, then again in Source Magazine’s Phat Tape section in 1995 for his song “What’s The Deal” which was never commercially released but revealed many of the music industry’s secrets and shady practices. Corey made history in 1992 when he signed with Sony/Columbia Records, along with his then rap partner Kamal B Wize, for being the first rap artists ever to sign a major deal with no demo and being the second artist of any genre to achieve such a feet. Despite having an incredible reputation and earning the respect of hip-hop fans as far away as Europe, Corey was never able to attain the type of success in the music business awarded to his peers of the time. Through it all Corey continued to record and release music on his own and continued to learn the business side of music, determined to pave his own way.

In late 2014 Corey formed The Banks Brand Music™, which was created as a management, artist development, production, music publishing, record company to represent the entire Banks family’s musical legacy to pave the way for his sons CJ Banks and Simba, his daughter JaDaya Koray Banks and his youngest son Nahkim Banks, instilling vision, creativity, drive, dedication and the work ethic worthy of Banks name.

The Banks Brand Music™ moniker is “We’re not a label, we’re a legacy” and everything we are and do represents that..

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