#HoffaAtchaIKEBoy™ Radio Show Podcasts


#HoffaAtchaIKEBoy™ is an independently syndicated radio show and interview series created & hosted by #IKEBoy Corey Drumz where he interviews past, present and future legends of music & film. With guests such as Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan, Mr. Cheeks, MJG of 8Ball & MJG, Case, Kokane, Lil Easy E, Tocarra Hamilton, Smooth Bee of Nice & Smooth, Mikey D, Uncle Murda and many others including Corey’s own alter-ego CeStyle, the show has built a reputation unparalleled by any other interview series.

Corey originally started #HoffaAtchaIKEBoy as an audio interview blog series on Swurvradio.com in 2013 and then in January 2014 he moved to WWRN Digital Broadcasting Network’s WRN Radio expanding it to a 3 hour weekly radio show with guest interviews and the hottest and most diverse mix of the greatest urban music from past, present and all points in between .

The show is currently on hiatus but will be returning to WWRN in 2015. Stay tuned for its return but in the meantime, check out the podcasts of past shows and interviews below to get an example of what you can expect upon its return to the airwaves.

#HoffaAtchaIKEBoy™ Radio Show & Interview Series on WWRN

#HoffaAtchaIKEBoy™ Interview Series on Swurvradio.com


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